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January 1st, 2012

07:44 pm - Collection of handmades

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August 29th, 2011

10:58 am - my wardrobe


Bodyline jacket L189 offwhite
Bodyline jacket L189 black
Bodyline coat L 296 dusty pink
Baby Milky coat without cape black
Baby Ribbon rain coat black
Hell bunny hana cape black


Mirror petticoat white
Heart E petticoat black
Bodyline petticoat black
handmade petticoat white

handmade petticoat multicolor
Bodyline bloomers 031 white
Bodyline bloomers 015 white

Bodyline bloomers black
Offbrand peticoat black
Offbrand petticoat pink


BTSSB Shirring blouse white
BTSSB Sweet Chocolate syrup cutsew pink
AP round bib blouse black
Heart E polkadot bodice blue
offbrand white blouse

offbrand black blouse
Meta chiffon blouse black
AP Cherry Berry Bunny camisole black


Heart E polkadot tiered skirt blue
handmade long skirt white

Surface Spell Moonlight Cathedral black x blue
Handmade Corsette Du Noir skirt black
AP Cherry Berry Bunny skirt black


BTSSB Velveteen Scalopped Hem JSK pink
AP  Whimsical Vanilla Chan tiered JSK black
AP Jewelry Jelly JSK black
Handmade sallopette dark pink


BTSSB Gingham Ribbon Rose black
Bodyline 090 offwhite
AP Sweet Jam black


Bodyline boots 224 offwhite
Montreal plateaus red

AP teaparties offwhite
Demonia mary janes

Bodyline boots 223 black
Bodyline shoes black 253
offbrand plateaus black
offbrand sneakers black


tiara silver
handmade double bow white
offbrand offwhite headband

halfbonnet gingham black
handmade headdress white x blue
handmade cannotier white

AP Whimsical Vanilla Chan headbow black
AP Jewelry Jelly headbow black
Offbrand black cannotier
Offbrand half bonnet black x blue
Handmade sidebow black
AP Cherry Berry Bunny headbow


Metamorphose polkadot kneehigh blue
AP kneehigh offwhite

AP Jewelry Jelly OTK black
offbrand kneehigh white
offbrand OTK white

offbrand kneehigh black 
offbrand tights offwhite
offbrand tights black
offbrand tights red
Meta black OTK
AP Cherry Berry Bunny black
Secret Shop ribbon socks black


Metamorphose wristcuffs black
offbrand parasol ivory
offbrand fur handbag black
offbrand shoulderbag white
offbrand schoulderbag black
offbrand pagoda parasol black
offbrand cat ring
offbrand pearl necklace 
Meta velvet black bag
Offbrand key purse

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August 4th, 2010

12:17 pm - introduction


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